Proc Viewer

Current Version: 0.5
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Download the tarball here.

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3

Latest News:
0.4 will have 2 major new features. First, I have added a http server to procviewer so that you can view the proc entries from a remote web browser (only plain text for now.) Second, I am adding more customizable features(still working on details for this.)

*Qt from TrollTech
*the QTDIR shell variable must be set, to see if it is set type 'echo $QTDIR' at your command prompt if no value is printed then set it to the top directory of your Qt directory.
* procfs configured into your kernel

1) Download the latest version of pv
2) tar zxvf pv-0.5-1.tar.gz
3) cd pv-0.5
4) make
5) su (then type passwd)
6) make install
    *This will install pv into your /usr/local/bin directory.

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